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The National Cyber Security Alliance, the other Qaphela I Online™ founding organizations and many of our partners have created resources, ranging from tip sheets to posters to videos and more, to help you stay safer and more secure online and better protect your personal information. All of these resources are free to use, download and share at home, at work and in the community.  You can search for resources by type Qaphela I Online™ sub-campaign. 

If you are interested in Qaphela I Online™ branding and tips into your organization’s materials or co-branding materials with Qaphela I Online™, consider registering your organization as a Qaphela I Online™ partner. Learn more on the Get Involved page. 

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october 2015 1 of 8 manual for workshop facilitators a5ss
october 2015 2 of 8 activity book for workshop participants a5ss
october 2015 3 of 8 resource and concept book a5ss


october 2015 4 of 8 ss teachers manual a5ss
october 2015 5 of 8 activity book for ss learners a5ss
october 2015 6 of 8 ps teachers manual a5ss
october 2015 7 of 8 activity book for parents of ps learner a5ss combo
october 2015 8 of 8 roadmap for campus community a5ss

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