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Authorities and Industry Bodies in SA

• DOJ&CD - Department of Justice & Constitutional Development - Cyber Safety Provides information on cyber safety, online security, spam and scam emails and examples of fraudulent documents - Includes 419 and lottery scam letters also known as 'advanced fee fraud'.

•DTPS - Department of Telecommunications and Postal Services - Child Online Protection Established as an international collaborative network for action to promote the online protection of children worldwide by providing guidance on safe online behaviour in conjunction with other UN agencies and partners.

•FPB - Film and Publication Board - Pro Child A public service for reporting (anonymously), any child pornography or sexual abuse images discovered accidentally on the internet. This may also include child grooming activities hosted in chat rooms. FPB also disseminates news and safety tips.


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Report Cybersecurity related incidents to Cybersecurity Hub

You can also call SAPS on: 08 600 10111