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Make a difference in the world of online safety and cybersecurity

The “Qaphela  Online” is a DTPS founded programme meaning  “be careful online”. It part of the national cybersecurity awareness campaign that seeks to advice the South African Citizens to be careful when they are in the internet. This is simple because the citizens only safety is the department’s priority. This programme seeks to foster a Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) in order for spread educate the entire nations about online safety and cybersecurity. “any criminal or other offence that is facilitated by or involves the use of electronic communications or information.

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Join in more than 20 organisations in support of a safer, more secure and more trusted internet by registering your organisation as Qaphela I Online. partner. 

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Partners receive access to a wealth of innovative, educational materials to co-brand and use in awareness efforts and can create original resources using Qaphela I Online. branding and messaging.

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48% feel their actions to stay safe and secure can have a positive impact on financial, economic, and national security of the country, indicating Americans are open to making the bridge between their own safety and the nation’s security.


93% believe their online actions can protect not only friends and family but also help to make the Web safer for everyone around the world. 

South African Cybersecurity Awareness 2017

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